New Hampshire Intervention

New Hampshire Intervention


Watching a loved one slowly fall apart from a drug dependency can be heart wrenching. Threats, ultimatums and even the silent treatment seem to have little affect on them. Family and friends may have lost hope and are now fearing the worse. When all else fails, a professional intervention is usually the solution.

People normally don’t think of New Hampshire as a state that would have a significant drug problem, but in fact, it does. Therefore, it is most helpful to understand how various drugs and their activities play a role. Marijuana, cocaine and heroin are drugs that are all widely distributed throughout the state, but it appears that marijuana is the most abundantly abused drug of the three, especially among teenagers and adolescents.

A mistaken idea among some relatives and friends who attempt to help a loved one with a drug dependency is that “love conquers all.” They may try to execute an intervention on their own thinking that they can handle a difficult situation without a third party getting involved in their loved one’s drug issues. However, they soon realize that simply targeting the signs of a drug dependency is just the tip of the iceberg. In recent years, professionals have observed time and time again that if a person is unwilling or unable emotionally to check into a rehab facility, an intervention, no matter how well planned, is highly unlikely of being successful.

It can be problematic for individuals to be certain when is the exact time or place to practice a drug intervention or even determining whether their loved one is mentally and emotionally capable of making a decision of their own free will to seek treatment. Due to these factors, it is best to conduct an intervention where family members, friends and an intervention team can work together as a team.

The goal of an intervention is to help a loved one not only to get better; it is also designed to see that the individual is still treated with dignity and respect. A professional New Hampshire intervention is designed to take the loved one’s current drug crisis into consideration and provide them with the tools necessary to eventually get clean without coercion or by force. Family and friends must consider all factors involved with their loved one’s personal circumstances before making a final decision as to how to execute an intervention to make it successful.

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